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Outdoor Challenge

Welcome to the Weekly Outdoor Challenges!

Each week, we'll post a message here that will prompt you to explore the world around you! Click on the topics that interest you, and get exploring!

Some of our weekly challenges invite you to collect environmental observations, data and photos. You can tell us about your findings in one of two ways:

  1. using the EpiCollect5 mobile app (see instructions), or
  2. by adding a Comment on the blog post
    (note: your comment won't be immediately visible, but will be approved shortly by our MOSS coordinator)

You can also join the MOSS grad students and staff for a weekly Friday video session to discuss the observations you made or products you created! If you'd like to join this meeting, send an email to Beth Kochevar with your name and the challenge(s) you completed.

Story Time!

• Beth K

Ms Ashlee and Ms Emma bring you some stories this week! Follow along with them as they read and dive deeply into two great books that will help you explore the world around you!

The Gruffalo with Ms Ashlee

Read more

Emma and book

All About Wind

• Beth K

I don't know about you, but I'm not a huge fan of wind. I often say that wind is my "least favorite weather." Living in the mountains and next to a lake, we can get a LOT of wind. And that doesn't go well with my dislike of the thing. But! Wind is actually super cool. Have you ever flown a kite… Read more

Water is Life

• Beth K

This Spring and Summer in McCall has been quite rainy! The plants are green and lush, and the rivers and streams have been full to the brim. Emma and Ashlee went on an adventure the other day to explore the amount and influence of water in the streams around their homes. You can follow… Read more

Dog and Creek

Birding in Your Place!

• Beth K

I always love this time of year when I wake to a symphony of bird songs in the morning. Have you ever noticed the birds that are making noises near you? Today we are sharing a number of resources to learn about the different birds in your area!

  • A guided exploration of birds in… Read more
A Great Horned Owl!

Learn how to Leave No Trace this summer with Ms. Ashlee and Ms. Emma!

• Beth K

MOSS/PCEI AmeriCorps members Ms. Ashlee and Ms. Emma are excited to show us ways we can Leave No Trace in the outdoors this summer! We've added all SEVEN! LNT principles to this original post for you to explore!

Learn about the LNT Principles Here: … Read more

Ash and Emma

Backyard Explorations

• Beth K

Hello from MOSS Adventure Learning! 

For many, the week after Memorial Day is an exciting indicator that Summer break is almost here! As you make the transition to Summer, we hope that these activities will help engage your senses and help you continue to learn this week!

Read more

Our backyard

An Exciting Week of Challenges

• Beth K


This week we celebrate one month of MOSS Adventure Learning! This week also marks the final week of the UI semester. Soon our Graduate Students, who have spent this year learning and teaching at MOSS, will go on to their summer internships to share the lessons they have… Read more

Osprey Point

Nature Challenges Await... May the Fourth Be With You!

• Beth K

It's certainly starting to feel like Springtime! Here in McCall that means cold, frosty mornings and warm, sunny afternoons. The snow is almost all melted away and we can see summer on the horizon! What's it like where you live?

Here are three new activities to get you out and… Read more


Explore Your Neighborhood! Activities for this Week

• Beth K

This week, we have many exciting prompts and activities to help you explore your neighborhoods. Especially in this time of spring, there are many aspects of our ecosystems and communities that can be observed! 

1.… Read more

Spring is upon us!

Five Activities to Try at Home!

• Beth K

Greetings from MOSS!

We are proud to announce the first of many Weekly Outdoor Challenges!

Five different activities linked below that will help you to explore the world around you and learn a lot in… Read more

Students exploring at MOSS