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Feeding Our Adventures

Welcome to Feeding Our Adventures, featuring the MOSS Kitchen Staff!

We want to engage you, the reader, in a wide creative variety of posts that feed your curiosities regarding Idaho’s West Central Mountains foodshed, and, how our MOSS food system provides nutrition and sustainability for our MOSS programs (Graduate, K12 and other), as well as our community.

Thanks for joining in this adventure with us! We hope you’re well fed and that this blog gives you something to chew on!

~Betsy and Holly

How About a German Apple Pancake for Breakfast?

• Beth K

Hello! So today we have a tasty favorite MOSS breakfast to share with you. German Apple Pancake is a variety of Dutch Baby, also known a Bismarck—all of which are a simplified version of a German dessert called Kaiserschmarrn. What all of these have in common is an eggy batter… Read more

German Apple Pancake!

Foraging Season is Here!

• Beth K

This week we celebrate the arrival of tasty fungi! Morel mushrooms are considered a delicacy, and if you don't want to pay $25/oz for them, you can follow along with Grad Student Emily as she guides us through morel season. 


A Tasty Morel Meal

Sense of Place: Taking a Look at Idaho’s West Central Mountains "Foodshed"

• Beth K

What is a foodshed?

A foodshed is defined as a geographical region in which food grown locally is available to feed the local population. Like water in a watershed… Read more

McCall Farmers Market

Welcome to Feeding Our Adventures with Betsy and Holly!

• Beth K

Welcome to the MOSS kitchen at the McCall Field Campus! Holly and Betsy want to welcome you, say hello and let you know a little bit about what to look forward to from us, here in the Feeding Our Adventures part of the MOSS Adventure Learning site!

We are so excited to share with you the… Read more

Betsy and Holly "cheesin'"

Gratitude at Mealtime

• Beth K

Hi Everyone! Karla Eitel, here. I wanted to share an activity with you that we do in our family at mealtimes.

Expressing gratitude for our food allows us a moment before a meal to reflect on the resources that went into getting… Read more

The MOSS Dining Lodge with grateful guests