Welcome to Adventure Learning at MOSS

Collecting data
Moonrise over Payette Lake
Snow scene
Osprey Point with purple sky

The MOSS Adventure Learning website offers students an opportunity to share what they are seeing, doing, and learning while at MOSS. Other students back home, parents, and anyone interested can follow along in the adventure by reading the students' daily blog posts. Followers can participate in the adventure through the blog by either asking questions, using MOSS created lessons, or comparing MOSS collected data with their local data. The MOSS Adventure Learning website allows students to share their experience both in blog posts and in the data they collect. The data can be compared by using data collection locations in Ponderosa State Park, by topic or by school. Teachers can refer to past year posts, compare other groups data, and access MOSS created lesson to use back in their classroom. There are many applications to the resources available here, allowing for adventures to extend far beyond the MOSS week and the MOSS location - the adventure awaits, come join us!