Lily Marsh

Lily Marsh is a perched wetland area in the center of the Ponderosa State Park peninsula. Here, students often don their waders and grab nets to collect and examine the aquatic invertebrates residing in the marsh.

Lily Marsh in summer

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oompa's day out

April 26, 2017 • by Audrey S.'s team

Today the UOL went hiking to lily marsh to test the water. Then we saw a red fox walk towards us... Read More  


Heartland Facepunchers Day 1 at MOSS

October 31, 2016 • by Becca S.'s team

Today we made observations on the beach about things that interested us. After that we walked to... Read More  



September 8, 2016 • by Kaytlyn G.'s team

WOW!!!!!!!! What a day...we went out in the field today to conduct an experiment of our own. ... Read More  


Shark Bait Ooh Ha Ha

September 1, 2016 • by Summer Program.'s team

Shark Bait Ooh Ha Ha set out on a journey to share our wealth of experience between formal and... Read More  


Sagebrush Unicorns take on water!

August 10, 2016 • by Summer Program.'s team

Our second field day centered around a molecule that is found all around us; water! We started... Read More  



May 18, 2016 • by Cathy H.'s team

Went wading in the Lily Marsh today and found leeches! And that's just the start of it! We saw... Read More  



Aquatic Data: 4/26/2017 - 12:00pm
Date: 4/26/2017 - 12:00pm
Audrey S's team
Weather: Raining
Air Temperature:
Lake Temperature: 9.0°C
pH: 7.6
Dissolved Oxygen: 14.0mg/L
Turbidity: 6NTUs
Observation Notes: We saw a bunch of alege and rocks and a red fox.
Aquatic Data: 11/1/2016 - 1:00pm
Date: 11/1/2016 - 1:00pm
Becca S's team
Weather: Overcast, Raining
Air Temperature:
Dissolved Oxygen:
Turbidity: 30NTUs
Species: Damselfly Larva, Mayfly Larva, Orb Snail, Phantom Midge Larva, Predaceous Diving Beetle, Water Mite
School: Foothills
Observation Notes: dirty water lot of may flie larva and alot of phantom midge larva 
Aquatic Data: 9/13/2016 - 2:00pm
Date: 9/13/2016 - 2:00pm
Ava I's team
Weather: Clear, Sunny
Air Temperature:
Lake Temperature: 15.4°C
pH: 6.8
Dissolved Oxygen: 8.7mg/L
Turbidity: 8NTUs
School: Village Charter
Observation Notes: The marsh was muddy, merkey, and dark. There was a couple small aspen trees but no tall pine trees. We saw a little frog, a snake, and ducks.