The smelly savage turtle fireballs go on an adventure!

April 26, 2016 • by Hailey F's team

Today the Smelly Savage Turtle Fireballs had a lot of fun discovering "neat"-ure. Our first stop was the Sagebrush Meadow where we tasted sagebrush and made a sound map with our new sagey friends. We headed to the woods and met the cheerleaders of the forest - the Ponderosa Pine trees. We saw three deer and lots of different kinds of mushrooms; but no morels today :( On the beach we got to know some pinecones, then launched them as far as we could into Payette Lake. Our chaperone, Dick, showed us how to teleport so we could be at both sides of a panoramic picture at one time. On the way back to campus, we had an EPIC snow-brawl fight. The walk back along the beach was fantastic and we know we'll be sleeping well tonight!

Team picture
Panoramic of the group on both ends
Savage Turtles on the dock


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