The Six Mile (5.75 mile) Hike

February 23, 2016 • by Hailey F's team

Our small group of Riverstone 5th graders--The MOSSy Abominables--rose early and set off on an adventure. We started off at 9:45 and hiked for 2.5 miles and stopped to do a creative writing piece.  We played games, and we had an another awesome hike for 1.5 miles in the snow to find the perfect lunch spot. After lunch we dug a 103 cm deep snow pit that had 10 layers. We tested the depth, ice crystals, temperatures, hardness, and density of the snow pit. After we made the pit, we dug into the face to make a snow cave where we fit all nine of us! Even though the hike felt long, we got to play camo, study ice crystals, climb a snow hill and hug a Ponderosa pine tree. Hot cocoa is the best way to end an eventful day of learning! 

See ya next time!

The MOSSy Abominables


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