The 13 Fluffy Gangster Narwhales

May 10, 2017 • by Audrey S's team

  Tuesday May 9, 2017

We went on a hike to the untreated and treated forest and the Meadow Marsh. We saw many types of creatures and plants, such as a deer, ducks, squirrels, plants, fungus, and bones. We made shelters and mini forest fire models of the treated and untreated forest.  We compared and took data from the treated and untreated forest area. Our field group got to explore the Meadow Marsh, which contained many trilliums, macro-organisms, and fire ants. There were many ants in the rotten logs on the trail,  there were more ants in the treated and untreated forest than the Meadow Marsh. Our group investigated the impact of beetles on trees and some of our group members had a very fun time documenting our experiences at MOSS. Here are some of the pictures we took. 


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